Always professional

I looked with Tyler Leban at many properties. He was always professional, extremely knowledgable of the market, and was patient as well with many of the ups and downs searching in this market. He was also instrumental in helping to organize the closing and assisting me with final details. He certainly did not sale and run, but rather oversaw the entire process through from beginning to end.

I was new to the Tampa area roughly over a year ago. I knew I wanted a condo downtown or in South Tampa area. We started looking at short sales and foreclosures, as their prices were extremely good deals. However, after a few ups and downs, mostly related to the intransigent, aging HOA associations on Bayshore or disorganized banks conducting the short sale and foreclosures, I decided to abandon the search for these. Tyler was always patient and persistent through these ups and downs, never hesistating to call or keep me in the loop on all developments.

We found an excellent place in downtown Tampa which was perfect for me, and Tyler helped me out through the smallest detail.

— Christos Stephanides